Media has always been my passion. From a young age, I watched my mom start and
scale a media agency in Venezuela that published newspapers, magazines, and books
and even produced radio shows. Some of my earliest memories were arranging the
content for our newspaper and traveling to cover stories for our magazine.

I have been captivated by storytelling ever since and moved to the US to pursue my
media production dreams. I graduated top of my class from the Academy of Art with a
degree in multimedia production and technologies, where I gained experience in
spearheading all stages of the production process. Since graduating, I have worked as
an in-house and freelance producer including with companies like Lyft, Google, and
BLVCK. You can check out some of my work on my reel.

In my spare time, I find myself watching and studying famous advertisements like the
“1984” Macintosh ad produced by Chiat/Day or more contemporary examples like the
“You Can’t Stop Us” Nike ad by Wieden+Kennedy. It is my hope to one day have a
similar piece of work consumed by millions of people around the world.
I’m always looking for interesting companies to join or projects to work on. If you know
of any, feel free to contact me at